Our OCI Performance™ Ruger 10 22 trigger groups will improve your shooting experience.

We use OCI Performance™ Parts proudly made right here in the USA.

OCI Performance Trigger Pin Set's™ they are precision ground and harder than the factory pins.

OCI Performance Custom Spring Set's™ made Exclusively for us by Diamond Wire Co.

OCI Performance Auto Bolt release™.

We also include a OCI Performance™ Better Bolt Buffer™.

Have our team install the trigger in your 10/22.

Even better have us build that custom 10/22 for you. 

We are a licensed firearms manufacturer.

Don't buy the other blue buffer that's made in Canada. 

  • They fit your Ruger 10 22 Rifle, Ruger Charger or that Razor 10 22 Magnum build.
  • It is all new and unused and very easy to install!!!
  • The trigger job is completed at our Federally Licensed Facility by a certified licensed gunsmith.
  • All of the parts are new.
  • We start with a Ruger post 2008 type poly housing.
  • The trigger pull will be 2.5 lbs certified.
  • We also install a auto bolt release.
  • Excellent competition/target trigger
  • We test each trigger group with a Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge.
  • This will improve your accuracy guaranteed.
  • Many different shipping options.
  • Most Ruger factory trigger groups ship 6.5 to 7.0 pound trigger pull.
  • Best match/competition trigger for the money.
  • We can install a left handed safety in any of our trigger groups no extra charge.
  • Fully assembled exact fit for Ruger guns
  • Ruger and its gun names are registered ™ of the Ruger Company.

We stand behind our trigger groups with a 12 mo your happy guarantee. If you are not happy send it back for a full refund of your purchase price. Thousands sold and no one has returned one of our triggers for a refund. If our trigger has a mechanical failure simply return it. We will fix it and return it at no cost to you. Simply we stand behind our products!

Black Widow
Black Widow