OCI Firearms is a type 2 SOT firearms manufacturer we make and register NFA weapons.

Firearms can be transferred to OCI Firearms they are subject to a transfer fee see the list of fees below.

We specialize in NFA weapons and NFA transfers on SBR, SBS and AOW. Storage fee after the first 60 days on all N.F.A. weapons unless the delay is caused by the B.A.T.F.

Long Gun Fee $20.00 Handling, You cover all shipping costs.
Hand Gun Fee $20.00 Handling, You cover all shipping costs.
Background/NICS Fee $10.00 Bring all the required identification
Other Fee $50.00  NFA items SBR SBS AOW (not including photo/fingerprints)


The shipped firearm must meet all requirements of SLED and BATF.

It must be shipped with the following:

• Current contact information for the person receiving the firearm.
An appropriate gun case for that firearm.
A copy of the FFL from whom the gun is transferred.
If you are not an FFL contact us we will need more information from you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make all arrangements with the transferring FFL, including delivery of appropriate documents and shipping costs.

You must notify OCI Firearms of any firearm transfer prior to its arrival at our premises.
Transfer notifications should be made e-mail to
transfers@ocifirearms.com  or by calling OCI Firearms at 864.878.2149

In addition to the firearm make and model, contact information for both the transferring FFL and the customer must be provided in the email. If the firearm does not meet SLED or BATF requierments it will be returned to the transferring FFL at the customer’s cost. We may be  requierd to reported it to the proper authorities.

Firearms must be picked-up from OCI Firearms by close of the fith business day after arrival at our premises. Any firearms not pick-up within the grace period are subject to a $10 per week storage fee after the 5 day grace period.
One day in the next week is considered a week. OCI Firearms will try to notify you when the firearm has arrived. It is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain
whether the firearm has arrived.

By shipping a firearm to OCI Firearms you understand and accept the transfer policy as set down in this document.